For a new sentimental geography


If life is just a look at the possible, art is a state of necessity. The living flame of a desire; that of being able to imagine another way. The search for an unconventional measure. 

The sentimental and energetic path of an urgency not necessary to our body, but essential to the care of what we commonly call soul.

On these reflections the project "for a new sentimental geography" was born, which includes both the burnt wood sculptures, almost an alphabet, the three bronze coins (Pathos, Eros, Thanatos) and those sculptures / temples. Dedicated from time to time to an aspect of that particular "state of necessity".

The attempt is to fill the void of sacredness that makes new generations, men without heroes. The result is a work of fragmented sculptures. A suggestion of imagined memories, which lives of itself and for itself, like the scent of a flower. A gift.